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It was warm.

I feel this autumn is warmer than usually.
Fallen leaves are fewer than usual.

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I went to Haneda airport.

I went to Haneda airport by car .
The road to Haneda was not crowded, I went there smoothly.
The road to parking in the airport is complex, but I arrived it somehow.
In the airport, I saw many policeman.
They watch out for terrorism.
The way home was crowded.

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I tried James.

I tried James.James is 100% Java SMTP and POP server. It is very easy to use. But can not send to other server.

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The Marines is very strong.

Because they defeated our Hawks.

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Hang in there, the Marines!

Japan series will begin tomorrow night.
Our Hawk was defeated in play-off.
I wish the Chiba Lotte Marines will to win the series.

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I don’t believe!
The Hawks was consecutively defeated in play-off for two years.Why?

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The 4th game of play-off was a good game.
It’s great!!
The Hawks was winning streak!
I think The Hawks will win tomorrow and they will become champion in pacific-league.

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